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 |  | UX Mariza

About: a mixed design approach that shows personality traits, goals, decision making influences and a short bio.

Project: resort development and investment website.

 |  | UX Mariza

About: a multidimensional persona ideal to show visually a variety of traits and describe user’s expectations.

Project: global human resources system.

 |  | UX Mariza

About: a descriptive persona which presents the user narratively and captures their feelings and thoughts in detail.

Project: nonprofit healthcare organisation website.

 |  | UX Mariza

About: a psychographic persona that portrays personality, attitudes, values and lifestyle, adjusted to the project requirements.

Project: manufacturing company website

 |  | UX Mariza

About: a less conventional method, mainly focusing on use cases and common tasks. An optimal approach for heavy task interfaces with very specific users’ profiles.

Project: wealth management windows application – stockbroking and trading system.